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Xiaomi Gamer Laptop

The xiaomi yuemi gamer laptop has a comfortable and stylish design with a keyless keyboard, 87 keys led keyboard, and a led flashlight. With a backlight that options between tm and tg, theyuemi mouse also features a comfortable design and87 keys keyboard.

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The xiaomi yuemi gamer laptop keyboard has87 keys led keyboard pro with abacklight tm. It is perfect for gaming or typing. The laptop also has a red switch backlight to have perfect lighting and a comfortable key feel. This keyboard has87 keys that can be keyboard key presses, the led keyboard light, or even just a phosphor light used in games. The keyboard also has a backlight that can get it to a light that is either red or green depending on the level of lighting. The laptop has abacklight option which helps to keep your light on as you typing. The keyboard also has ared switch typeface for a more modern feel. This keyboard has a87 keys that allow you totype quickly and easily. The keyboard also has a led flashlight and red switchbacklight that will make your gaming experience more enjoyable.